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The De Filippo Siblings | I fratelli De Filippo

The De Filippo Siblings | I fratelli De Filippo
by Sergio Rubini
Italy 2021 142′

Early 1900s. The siblings Eduardo, Peppino and Titina live with their mother, Luisa De Filippo. There is no father, or rather, he is hiding under the guise of “uncle” Eduardo Scarpetta, the most famous actor and playwright of his time. While Scarpetta did not recognize his three children, he introduced them to the world of theatre. At his death, the De Filippo family had no claim to his estate, but Scarpetta did pass on his talent to them, something his legitimate son Vincenzo did not inherit.

Festivals & awards:

  • David di Donatello 2022: Best Music
  • Festival do Cinema Italiano no Brasil 2022: Mostra Inéditos
  • Globi d’Oro 2022: Best Screenplay, Best Soundtrack
  • ICFF Italian Contemporary Film Festival 2022
  • Los Angeles – Italia 2022: Italian Cinema Today
  • Rome Film Fest 2021: Special Events